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Welcome to Design Twist

Updated: 4 days ago

Creative inspiration and simplified design guidance for all businesses; big, small, new, and old!

Based in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, our goal is to expand the community and knowledge of graphic design (print, digital, and web) for small business start-ups by inspiring through articles, resources, and tips.

Your First Impression

We aim to be a simplified communication design blog for anything and anyone creative, and for those of you who are not.

Perhaps you have a plethora of ideas, but need assistance navigating those concepts, and bringing them to life.

Or, perhaps you have no idea where to start or what your brand should look like.

Or, perhaps you are an existing brand who needs a update, a simplified design, or a refreshed logo.

We want to provide a space where you can make sense of it all, no matter your venture or experience.

This blog promises to be clean, straightforward, and easy to comprehend. We aim to keep our posts brief, concise, and packed with inspiration so you succeed. We will discuss branding, communication, graphic design and web design, and every so often, a random personal reflection.

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