About Design Twist

Lori began her career as a freelance Graphic Designer immediately after graduating from Graphic Design in 2002. Soon after she started a full-time graphic designer position at RE/MAX in Southern Ontario. She continued to freelance part-time during her years there, focusing her talents on new business start-ups, local existing businesses, and entrepreneurs.

As business grew, she began to include an intimate collective of graphic designers, printers, and marketing professionals to collaborate with – each with rich and varied backgrounds – to help serve her clients more effectively. 

Her favourite part of working with clients is the opportunity to lead them towards fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams. She knows how difficult it can be to build a business while being a parent or simply leading a busy lifestyle. She's excited to help other small business owners grow and define their business brand with professional marketing materials. It’s this excitement and enthusiasm that drives her in her work, and is the reason she built Design Twist, to give her clients the best possible outcomes for business success.

Why HIRE us?

  1. We work remotely! So without all the high overhead costs, we are able to give you a lower design rate.

  2. If your marketing succeeds, then we succeed! That's our goal and why we will work until you are satisfied!   

  3. We have a LONG list of satisfied clients that have testified to our work!

  4. We want to give you a reliable relationship with easy to understand terms, quick responses, and high-end designs. 

  5. We are experts in large document development such as; magazines, catalogues, and booklets.

  6. We've GOT enthusiasm and genuine interest in our clients and their needs.

  7. We have strong project management skills! We can juggle a lot! 

  8. We provide easy to understand quotes, plus we work hard to respond to all emails within a few hours!

  9. We offer a variety of payment options. 

  10. Never leave your desk to work with us. Our virtual office reaches everywhere. It's 2020 right??

  11. You are our #1 client customer service attitude. 

  12. We provide the solutions we promise from the start, on time and on budget.

Let's get started!